Just call WRT at 748-2211. A customer service representative will be happy to answer all your questions.

  • 911 Surcharge: A local government-mandated charge to fund emergency 911 services.
  • Federal Access Charge: A flat monthly charge, established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • Telecom Relay Service Fund: A state charge used to fund relay centers and special equipment to assist the hearing and speech impaired.
  • Federal Universal Service Line Charge: A flat monthly charge, established by the FCC, assessed to bring affordable phone service to all Americans, regardless of where they live.
  • Federal, State, and Local Taxes: These charges are imposed according to government guidelines and passed on to/by the appropriate agencies.

Your first bill may be larger than normal because WRT bills one month in advance (except for Long Distance charges). When you start your new services, charges will appear from the date you started service through the end of the next month’s billing cycle. For example, if you start a new service on July 12, you will see charges on your first bill from July 12 through August 31. Charges and fees will be prorated to reflect the partial month. Your bill shows these dates of service in the “Effective Date” column.

To help make paying your WRT bill easier and more convenient, WRT offers several free options for paying your bill:

  • Pay in Person – In addition to mailing in your payment, you can also visit WRT’s offices in Hazen, Beulah, or Mobridge during office hours or leave payment in the after-hours dropbox. Drop off locations are also located at Krause’s Market in Hazen and Bronson’s Marketplace in Beulah.
  • Pay Online – With Smarthub, WRT’s online billing system, customers with a valid email address can pay online with a credit or debit card. You’ll have the option to go completely paperless and be notified of your bill via email, or keep receiving your paper bill in the mail. Click here to learn more about or sign up for Smarthub.
  • AutoPay – You’ll still be able to receive and review your paper bill, but WRT will deduct the amount of your bill each month from your selected bank checking account or charge the amount to a selected credit or debit card.
  • Pay by Phone – Dial toll-free 1-844-859-5984 – available 24/7 to pay your monthly bill.

Call WRT at 748-2211 for more details or to sign up for any of these free billing options!

Payments are due the 20th of the month and become delinquent by the first week of the following month.

WRT Billing statements are usually mailed within the first five working days of each month.


Make the most of your WRT Wi-Fi with the FREE CommandIQ App! Change your Wi-Fi password, set up a guest network, monitor connected devices, set up parental controls & more!

Download COMMANDIQ from your favorite app store and follow the step-by-step instructions below:

COMMANDIQ Instructions

Time blocking – you can set periods of time to use the internet, create bonus usage times and also times to block access to the internet.

Filtering – you can pick by child’s age or by creating your own lists to filter certain sites.

No – if a spyware scan or malware scan does not remove the problem, we would have to refer you to a computer repairman to remove the virus.

WRT offers internet – with or without phone. The choice is up to you!

WRT’s additional tech support is FREE when you take internet service from us!

Up to 1 GIG / 1,000 Mbps – upload and download.

Tech Support

WRT Techs have also been trained on Blu Ray, iPad, tablets, Internet-ready TVs, and wireless printers.

WRT techs have been trained to help connect & sync internet service to Xbox, Wii and PS3/Play Station.

WRT provides unlimited tech support via the phone – as well as email and on-site.

We will work with you until a solution has been found.

A trained WRT Tech will come to your home for the first initial install.  At which time we will connect your devices.

If you are already connected to WRT Internet – our Tech Team will either remotely access your PC without any worries or you can visit one of our local offices.

Remote access is done through the PC – it’s a safe and simple way to work on your PC without having to interrupt your schedule or home life.

In some extreme cases, we could come to your home if you choose for an additional fee.

It’s all those “little things” that end up being frustrating things:

Setup and syncing your devices to the internet:

Your game systems, wireless printer, smartphone, iPad, etc.

Parental Controls:

Customize your child’s computer time by specific time slots, total hours, etc.

Cleaning up temporary internet files:

This will help maximize your PC performance – run faster, more storage, etc.

Removing unused startup applications:

Companies put on lots of junk that takes up room, cause annoying pop-ups and just bog you down – we help sort the useful apps from the junky ones.


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