Just call WRT at 748-2211. A customer service representative will be happy to answer all your questions.

  • 911 Surcharge: A local government-mandated charge to fund emergency 911 services.
  • Federal Access Charge: A flat monthly charge, established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • Telecom Relay Service Fund: A state charge used to fund relay centers and special equipment to assist the hearing and speech impaired.
  • Federal Universal Service Line Charge: A flat monthly charge, established by the FCC, assessed to bring affordable phone service to all Americans, regardless of where they live.
  • Federal, State, and Local Taxes: These charges are imposed according to government guidelines and passed on to/by the appropriate agencies.

Your first bill may be larger than normal because WRT bills one month in advance (except for Long Distance charges). When you start your new services, charges will appear from the date you started service through the end of the next month’s billing cycle. For example, if you start a new service on July 12, you will see charges on your first bill from July 12 through August 31. Charges and fees will be prorated to reflect the partial month. Your bill shows these dates of service in the “Effective Date” column.

To help make paying your WRT bill easier and more convenient, WRT offers several free options for paying your bill:

  • Pay in Person – In addition to mailing in your payment, you can also visit WRT’s offices in Hazen, Beulah, or Mobridge during office hours or leave payment in the after-hours dropbox. Drop off locations are also located at Krause’s Market in Hazen and Bronson’s Marketplace in Beulah.
  • Pay Online – With Smarthub, WRT’s online billing system, customers with a valid email address can pay online with a credit or debit card. You’ll have the option to go completely paperless and be notified of your bill via email, or keep receiving your paper bill in the mail. Click here to learn more about or sign up for Smarthub.
  • AutoPay – You’ll still be able to receive and review your paper bill, but WRT will deduct the amount of your bill each month from your selected bank checking account or charge the amount to a selected credit or debit card.
  • Pay by Phone – Dial toll-free 1-844-859-5984 – available 24/7 to pay your monthly bill.

Call WRT at 748-2211 for more details or to sign up for any of these free billing options!

Payments are due the 20th of the month and become delinquent by the first week of the following month.

WRT Billing statements are usually mailed within the first five working days of each month.


Time blocking – you can set periods of time to use the internet, create bonus usage times and also times to block access to the internet.

Filtering – you can pick by child’s age or by creating your own lists to filter certain sites.

No – if a spyware scan or malware scan does not remove the problem, we would have to refer you to a computer repairman to remove the virus.

WRT offers internet – with or without phone. The choice is up to you!

WRT’s additional tech support is FREE when you take internet service from us!

Up to 1 GIG / 1,000 Mbps – upload and download.


  1. Call WRT at 701-748-2211 to get your PERS Unit with Transmitter. You will need to provide a list of responders (family, friends, etc.) and their telephone and cellular numbers.
  2. Place PERS Base Unit in a central location that is easily accessible and frequently used… nightstand, by the favorite recliner, etc.
  3. Connect the white line cord from the phone jack on the wall to the PERS unit jack marked “LINE IN” on the backside of the PERS base unit. Make sure the button is set to “Normal Operation/Emergency Call Mode.” * If connecting a telephone to the PERS base unit, plug phone cord into the jack on the unit marked “To House Phone.”
  4. Connect the PERS unit’s black power cord to the “DC 7.5V” round jack on the right. The power cord has a special plug and the connection turns to prevent it from coming loose. Once connected to the base, plug the power adaptor into an electrical outlet.
  5. Place the four green AA rechargeable batteries into the back of the unit and switch the POWER button to “ON” on the bottom of the unit.
  6. Once the installation is done, turn the PERS base unit over and place it on the nightstand, side table, etc. – facing up. The unit also comes with two smaller rechargeable batteries for the transmitter. Place one battery in the “Pendant Battery Charger” on the front of the base unit. Place the additional battery in the transmitter by unscrewing the cap marked “Battery.” Replace cap and twist until tight to ensure the device remains water-resistant. You can connect the transmitter button to the neck pendant, belt clip or wristlet option included in the box. It should be worn at all times.
  7. Press down & hold the blue button on the transmitter to test the PERS Unit. You should see a red light flash and hear a series of loud alarms. This is a two-way voice or “talking” transmitter so you will talk into the transmitter and also hear the response center through the transmitter.
  8. Wait for the 24 Hour Monitoring Center person to answer your Test Alarm / Call and verify that you are only testing the base unit. Inform the Monitoring Center that you will also be testing the range of the transmitter.
  9. The response center will stay on the line and talk to you as you test the transmitter from other locations in or around your home such as the bathroom, stairway, garage, backyard, mailbox, etc. You can either push the gray hang-up button on the back of the transmitter or they will automatically hang up when you are done.
  10. You are encouraged to test the PERS system weekly or as frequently as desired to ensure your added comfort level, safety, and peace of mind.

A PERS, or a Personal Emergency Response System, is a 24-hour monitoring service for personal assistance. It allows customers to live in the comfort of their home, while still having some assistance available if needed. The system includes a base unit and a two-way “talking” transmitter to be worn by the customer. Your transmitter can be worn as a pendant, belt clip or wristwatch, all three options come with the unit. Customers simply press and hold the blue transmitter button to call for assistance. With the two-way “talking” transmitter, you will be able to speak to the response center from anywhere within range, as well as listen to the response center.

$75 one-time activation fee and $29.95 per month fee for 24/7 monitoring. There is an OPTIONAL $75 WRT Install fee – for installation within WRT’s Service Area ONLY! Your monthly service will be prorated 2 days after PERS unit is sent out. A monthly fee will appear on the WRT billing statement.

WRT has a short-term 6-month contract in comparison to other providers. After the first 6 months, the contract is renewed automatically each month.

The PERS sign-up must involve a WRT MEMBER and landline phone service. WRT members can receive PERS service and can also pay for PERS service for non-members. A non-member can also pay for service for a WRT member.

YES, you must have a landline phone in order for the service to work. The equipment will NOT work with a cell phone or VOIP service.

The PERS communicator unit is very similar in size & set-up to an answering machine. The PERS unit must be plugged into a power outlet and the line cord must be plugged into a phone jack. WRT will also provide installation instructions to assist you.

The PERS unit can share the jack with the telephone. You MUST plug the PERS unit into the phone jack located on the wall. Your telephone can then be plugged into the PERS unit in the special jack marked “PHONE IN” on the back of the unit. The PERS unit must be plugged directly into the jack and cannot be connected through an answering machine or another device.

There is no additional charge for basic equipment – which includes the PERS base unit & a two-way “talking” transmitter. If the service is cancelled, the equipment must be returned in good working condition. A $185 equipment fee will be charged to the customer at the time of cancellation. Once the equipment is returned, the $185 fee will be credited, provided it is returned in good working condition.

Additional transmitter buttons may be purchased for $97.00 each and used with the same base unit.

YES – the transmitter is water-resistant and should be worn at all times in case of an emergency situation.

Customers MUST RETURN the equipment (base unit & transmitter) in good working condition or will be charged the $185 equipment fee.

You must have a working landline telephone service. If your number is disconnected, the service will not work. You must have electricity and the unit must be plugged into the power outlet. The base unit has a battery backup that will last approximately 24 hours, pending the condition of the battery. The PERS unit comes with batteries for the base unit, as well as two rechargeable batteries for the transmitter. The base unit includes a place to store and recharge the extra transmitter batteries.

The customer calls for assistance by pressing and holding down the blue transmitter button. The transmitter has a light indication & will beep if pressed. The unit will activate and place the call to the response center. It will generate a series of very distinct alarms.

The call to the response center is sent immediately. The alarm will ring several times before you hear the voice of a real person answering at the response center. This slight delay allows you time to cancel the alarm if you are testing or push the button accidentally.

The monitoring response center will ask if you are okay; their voice will be transmitted through the speaker of the two-way “talking” transmitter.
You can respond by talking into the two-way “talking” transmitter. You do not need to hold the transmitter up to your mouth; it will pick up your voice. You do not need to pick up the telephone receiver or push any additional buttons.

If you need further assistance, the monitoring center will notify your contact list accordingly, if needed.

With the two-way “talking” transmitter, you will be able to speak to the response center from anywhere within range. The transmitter itself is a bit larger to wear but necessary to enable you to speak into it and the response center to hear you.

Customers are encouraged to test the PERS unit thoroughly once they connect it. This includes testing by pressing and holding the blue button on the two-way “talking” transmitter.
Customers should test the range of the transmitter to ensure it will work from different areas in their home, yard, etc. For a complete test of the system, stay on the line until the monitoring center answers and advise the dispatcher that you are testing the unit. The monitoring response center will stay on the line as you walk around your home/yard to check if they can clearly hear you.

The range may vary depending on the location of the base unit, obstacles, building materials (such as metal siding, etc) and other factors. It is important to test by pushing the transmitter button from a variety of locations.

Each customer can designate their Emergency Contacts/Responders that best suit their needs. Some customers may want the monitoring center to only contact family or neighbors; others may want the center to contact one responder and then emergency assistance.

It is important that your contact list includes at least one responder who is nearby and has, or knows how to gain access to your home. The customer can provide up to three (3) contact numbers for each responder. Customers have the option to include emergency services on their list of Emergency Contacts/Responders.

Customer Tip: Make extra house keys for your responders and be sure to test that the keys work beforehand. Consider how someone would be able to get into your home, bathroom, garage, etc. to assist you if needed.

If the monitoring center is unable to reach any of the responders on your list they may contact emergency services, pending the situation.

If an emergency service such as the ambulance is dispatched, any and all fees associated are at the customer’s expense.

Customer Tip: You may want to check with your insurance provider or policy to see if there is any ambulance coverage.

The customer may contact WRT at any time to change or update their list of Emergency Contacts/Responders. The information will be sent to the monitoring center and will become effective upon receipt.

The PERS unit/transmitter and monitoring service can be moved to a different location – either permanently or temporarily. The customer is responsible for calling the Response Center and giving them the landline number and location of where they are staying. They are also responsible for calling the Response Center back when they return to their home and MUST do so to ensure proper service. The Response Center Number is 1-800-858-7811. There is no limit on how often or how many times the move requests can be made. It is the sole responsibility of the PERS user to notify the Response Center of any changes.

If you need to cancel service, contact WRT immediately. You must unplug the unit and return the PERS system and transmitter to WRT in good working condition. You will be charged the equipment cost of $185 upon cancellation. This amount will be credited once the equipment has been fully returned to WRT and inspected.

The unit has a battery backup that will last approximately 24 hours, pending the battery life. The unit features a low battery indicator. Should you need a new battery, please contact WRT so we can provide a new battery for the unit at no additional cost to the customer.

The PERS unit comes with two rechargeable transmitter batteries. There is a spot on the front of the base unit for recharging the batteries. It is important to tightly secure the battery cover on the transmitter unit to keep water/moisture from contacting the battery.

The PERS system will not work if the phone system has been disconnected &/or there is no dial-tone.

WRT members will earn capital credits. If a WRT member is paying for the PERS service for themselves or a non-member they will earn capital credits.

Tech Support

WRT Techs have also been trained on Blu Ray, iPad, tablets, Internet-ready TVs, and wireless printers.

WRT techs have been trained to help connect & sync internet service to Xbox, Wii and PS3/Play Station.

WRT provides unlimited tech support via the phone – as well as email and on-site.

We will work with you until a solution has been found.

A trained WRT Tech will come to your home for the first initial install.  At which time we will connect your devices.

If you are already connected to WRT Internet – our Tech Team will either remotely access your PC without any worries or you can visit one of our local offices.

Remote access is done through the PC – it’s a safe and simple way to work on your PC without having to interrupt your schedule or home life.

In some extreme cases, we could come to your home if you choose for an additional fee.

It’s all those “little things” that end up being frustrating things:

Setup and syncing your devices to the internet:

Your game systems, Blu ray, wireless printer, smartphone, iPad, etc.

Parental Controls:

Customize your child’s computer time by specific time slots, total hours, etc.

Cleaning up temporary internet files:

This will help maximize your PC performance – run faster, more storage, etc.

Removing unused startup applications:

Companies put on lots of junk that takes up room, cause annoying pop-ups and just bog you down – we help sort the useful apps from the junky ones.

Performing Malware and spyware scans:

Someone could be watching your every move – these scans help remove programs that track which websites you’ve gone to and help to prevent hacker attempts.

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